Videos on differentiation:

Find the gradient of a tangent:

Find the equation of a line:

Find the equation of a normal:

An optimisation problem:


Tuesday 5

Homework for today:

  • Go through P1, using individual hints.
  • Go through P2, using solutions.
  • Do Paper 1 2014.

Mark scheme to P1 2014 can be found in Edmodo, (as well as the paper and the solutions to P2)

Continue to work where you are and ask questions!

In Edmodo you can also find examination questions in the folder ”Revision, exam 2016”.

Revision sessions

Revision sessions: Thursday March 24, Tuesday April 5, Tuesday April 12, Thursday April 14.

Thursday March 24: Work on mock Paper 1, using individual feed back.

Homework for Tuesday April 5:

  1. Go through mock Paper 2, using solutions posted in Edmodo.
  2. Do paper 1 from 2014, posted in Edmodo.

Tuesday April 5: Ask questions about Paper 2. Go through paper 1 2014.

Homework: Own revision. Exam questions in Edmodo (folder Revision, exam 2016)

Tuesday April 12: Do individual work on an exam paper 2.

Thursday April 14: Go through exam paper 2.


Week 9

Friday March 4 I am not in school.

Keep up the good work! Soon it is May 🙂

Stay away from distractions! Focus! It is worth it…

Revision time!

The ”curriculum” in the menu has been updated. Can be useful in your revision.

In Edmodo you can find more ”up-to-date” examination questions on topic 4, statistical applications.